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Watch Hunting with Brittany Pearce

By Thomas Hendricks

She’s cute, she’s fun, and she knows more than a thing or two about watches. Brittany Pearce (aka Watch Gringa on YouTube and Instagram) has a love for the classics and an ever-evolving taste. Our Watch Hunting journey hit powerhouse brands like Rolex, Tudor, and Cartier, but unearthed a few references that don’t always get the attention they deserve.   

Great Watches Under $5,000  

Rolex Datejust ref. 16013

We’re starting off with a bit of a Patrick Bateman kind of vibe. Brittany has been getting more into two-tone lately, and five-digit Datejust references offer one of the last real bargains in the world of Rolex. The Rolex Datejust 16013, made in the late 1970s through the late 80s, captures the zeitgeist of that era, and offers a classic and dependable timepiece with plenty of textural options like linen and tapestry dials for those that like something extra.  

Enthusiast’s Corner: Rare and Exceptional Timepieces  

Cartier Tortue ref. 2496C

You deserve something nice, and for a reward of the precious metal variety, Britt recommends the sleek and stylish Cartier Tortue ref. 2496C. Cartier is the watch of royalty, and the 2496C offers all that heritage and panache in a slightly unexpected package. The Tortue communicates exquisite taste through its flowing case architecture, guilloché dial, and Breguet-style hands. Size-wise, it’s traditionally elegant, with the sumptuous weight of solid gold. 

Iconic Timepieces: Great Value for the Money  

Tudor Submariner ref. 79090

Who doesn’t love a Submariner? We do, Britt does, but to add a bit of a twist to the equation, why not try a vintage Tudor Submariner ref. 79090? It’s a tried-and-tested tool watch that’s sure to impress at your next get-together. Better yet, they’re a coveted vintage star without the 10k+ price tag. You have your choice of black or blue, and we agree with Brittany that those blue dials and bezels dance with the light, and age so, so beautifully with time.  

About the Author

Thomas Hendricks

I didn’t grow up a watch guy, but a few years after graduating from university, I landed a job at the online publication Watchonista as a writer and marketer. “Welcome to the watch world,” my colleagues told me half-jokingly, “no one ever leaves!” Now at Chrono24, I work as a private client advisor, helping people find the perfect watch for major life moments.

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