High-Quality Images

Modern smartphones are capable of taking high-quality images.
Learn how to create great images at home without using professional camera equipment in our guide.

The first thing potential customers encounter when searching for a new watch is usually the main listing photo. Clear, high-quality images are the best way to win buyers over.

Discover how to take high-quality images of your watch using the following tips and examples.

Main photo

The main photo must be of the watch only. Additional information, markings, labels, accessories, papers, pictures of your store, the team, or similar are not permitted.

Place the watch in the center of the photo and ensure the entire timepiece is visible.

Photograph the watch in landscape format.

Lighting Conditions

Photograph your watch under natural light or in a bright environment. Daylight provides the best lighting without having to purchase additional equipment.

Avoid using your camera's flash function. It can lead to inaccurate representations of the watch's color and material. It also reflects in the dial, making it difficult to get a true sense of the timepiece. If you need more light, seek out another source.


Make sure that the dial and the watch as a whole are in focus.

Take sharp, high-resolution images.
This is especially easy to do on smartphones. To focus on the subject (the watch or accessory), simply tap it on the touch screen. Never change your images' resolution or file size after the fact. Standard smartphone photo settings usually meet the requirements for the Chrono24 zoom function.

Are you familiar with the image zoom function?

Images with a resolution of 1280x960 pixels or higher automatically enable the zoom function on Chrono24. This feature allows potential buyers to inspect your watch more closely.


Position the watch and other delivery contents in an logical, orderly fashion. Feel free to focus specifically on special details or other important information (e.g., the papers) in separate images.

Pay close attention to the position of the watch's hands. For the best results, set your timepiece to 10:10 before shooting.


Remove any dust or fingerprints from the watch before photographing it. Include close-ups of any signs of wear so that potential customers have realistic expectations.

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