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Hublot Steel 41mm Automatic 341.SB.131.RX new
Hublot Big Bang 41 mm
An Lager / In stock
+ RM1,187 for shipping
Hublot Yellow gold 40mm Automatic 301.PX.0890.VR.ZEC13 PG pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
ウブロ ビッグバン Zegg & Cerlati リミテッドエディション 301.PX.0890.VR.ZEC13 PG×ラバー
Free shipping
Hublot Titanium 45mm Automatic 521.nx.7170.lr new
Hublot Classic Fusion Blue
+ RM375 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold Automatic 310.PT.1180.RX pre-owned Malaysia, KUALA LUMPUR
Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang
+ RM100 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 45mm Automatic 601.NX.0173.LR.1704 pre-owned
Hublot Spirit of Big Bang
Titanium Pavé 45mm 601.NX.0173.LR.1704
Free shipping
Hublot Steel 44mm Automatic 301.SX.1170.GR pre-owned Malaysia, petaling jaya
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Hublot Ceramic 45mm Manual winding 505.CI.1170.RX.ORL19 new Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
Hublot Classic Fusion 45, 42, 38, 33 mm
Tourbillon Orlinski Limited Edition 5 Days
+ RM138 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 542.NX.7071.LR pre-owned
Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Grey
+ RM320 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 42mm Automatic 451.HX.1123.HX pre-owned Malaysia, Kajang
Hublot Big Bang
Excl. shipping
Private Seller
Hublot Aluminum 42mm Automatic 441.UB.5120.NR new
Hublot Big Bang
Summer Tiffany Blue
+ RM1,210 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold 42mm Automatic 441.OM.1181.RX new
Hublot Big Bang Unico
King Gold 42mm - 441.OM.1181.RX
+ RM459 for shipping
Hublot Platinum 44mm Manual winding 305.TM.131.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Tourbillon Solo 44mm Platinum Limited Edition
+ RM471 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 45mm Automatic 511.NX.7170.LR new Malaysia, KUALA LUMPUR
Hublot Classic Fusion Blue
+ RM100 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold 41mm Automatic 341.PX.130.RX.114 new
Hublot Big Bang 41 mm
NEW 2022 Big Bang 41mm Black Dial Diamond Bezel Rose Gold 341.PX
Free shipping
Hublot Rose gold 42mm Automatic 641.OX.7180.LR new
Hublot Spirit of Big Bang
King Gold 42mm Chronograph Skeleton 2020
+ RM1,836 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 542.NX.1170.RX pre-owned
Hublot Classic Fusion 45, 42, 38, 33 mm
542.NX.1170.RX - Box & Papers - 24-Month Warranty - 2015
+ RM420 for shipping
Hublot 42mm Automatic 441.JX.4802.RT new
Hublot Big Bang Unico
Sapphire 42mm
+ RM922 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 44mm Automatic 309.CM.134.RX.AES07 pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Ayrton Senna Limited Edition Circa 2008
+ RM926 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 301.CD.134.RX.190 pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
All Black
+ RM227 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 541.NX.1171.RX new
Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph
42 mm - 541.NX.1171.RX
+ RM459 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 44.5mm Automatic 301.CX.134.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
All Black 44.5mm Limited Edition
+ RM471 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 45mm Automatic 511.CM.1171.RX new Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Hublot Classic Fusion 45, 42, 38, 33 mm
Black Magic
+ RM100 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 441.NM.1170.RX new
Hublot Big Bang Unico
Titanium 42mm Skeletonized NEW
Free shipping
Hublot Ceramic 44mm Automatic 311.CI.1170.GR pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang
Black Magic Ceramic 44mm Alligator Strap 311.CI.1170.GR 21k MSRP
+ RM713 for shipping
Hublot Carbon 44mm Automatic 301.SH.131.RW pre-owned
301RW Big Bang Unico Chronograph Special Edition Boutique White Carbon 44 mm
+ RM463 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 45mm Manual winding 505.NX.0170.LR pre-owned
Hublot Classic Fusion 45, 42, 38, 33 mm
Skeleton Tourbillon Unique Piece Titanium B+P Ref.5050.NX.0170.LR.HOD12
+ RM2,312 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 45mm Automatic 511.NX.1171.RX new
Hublot Classic Fusion 45, 42, 38, 33 mm
Black/Rubber Ø45 mm
+ RM227 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold 42mm Automatic 647.OX.1138.RX pre-owned
Hublot Spirit of Big Bang
Moonphase King Gold 647.OX.1138.RX
+ RM1,574 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 42mm Automatic 542.CM.1171.RX new
Hublot Classic Fusion 45, 42, 38, 33 mm
42mm - 542.CM.1171.RX - Black Magic
+ RM459 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 542.NX.2611.LR pre-owned
Hublot Classic Fusion 45, 42, 38, 33 mm
Titanium Opalin Automatic White Dial
Free shipping

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Hublot Titanium 45mm Automatic 521.NX.1170 pre-owned
Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph
Titanium 45MM Like New Box Papers 521.NX.1170 2012
+ RM463 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold 45mm Automatic 511.OX.7180.LR new
Hublot Classic Fusion Blue
King Gold 45mm Blue Dial NEW 2022
Free shipping
Hublot Ceramic 45mm Automatic 411.HX.1170.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang Unico
Matte White Ceramic 45mm Near Mint Complete 411.HX.1170.RX
+ RM713 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Manual winding 545.NX.1270.LR new
Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin
titanium new 42mm ultra-thin rubber/alligator strap
Free shipping
Hublot Ceramic 44mm Automatic 301.CI.1770.RX new
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Black Magic
+ RM412 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 45mm Automatic 416.YG.5220.VR pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang Unico
Golf Green 05/2020 perfect condition box papers
+ RM922 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 541.NX.7070.LR new
Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph
Racing Grey Chronograph 541.NX.7070.LR 2022 Unworn Immediate Dispatch
+ RM157 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 441.NX.1171.RX new
Hublot Big Bang Unico
42mm - 441.NX.1171.RX - Titanium
+ RM459 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold 44mm Automatic 301.PB.131.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Rose Gold 44MM 301.PB.131.RX
Free shipping
Hublot Steel 40mm Automatic 1810.1 pre-owned
Hublot Elegant
MDM Chronograph 1810.1
+ RM594 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold 44mm Automatic 301.PB.131.PB pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Rose Gold 44mm
Free shipping
Hublot Rose gold 41mm Automatic 341.PE.230.RW.174 pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 41 mm
Porto Cervo Diamond Pave 18K Rose Gold B&P
Free shipping
Hublot Ceramic 48mm Automatic 771.CI.1170.RX new
Hublot King Power
Unico GMT 48 mm different time zones black ceramic black rubber strap
Free shipping
Hublot Carbon 48mm Automatic 719.QM.1729.NR.AES10 pre-owned
Hublot King Power
Ayrton Senna
+ RM1,622 for shipping
Hublot Tantalum 44mm Automatic 301.AM.130.RX.YCM07 pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Yacht Club Monaco Tantal Limited Fullset LC EU
+ RM1,385 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 42mm Automatic 451.CX.1140.CX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang
Integral All Black 451.CX.1140.CX 42mm 2021
+ RM1,574 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 542.NX.7071.RX new
Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Grey
Titanium 42mm - 542.NX.7071.RX
+ RM459 for shipping
Hublot 525.BZ.0173.VR.AMB18 new
Hublot Classic Fusion
45mm Amsterdam Boutique Bronze Edition. Limited of 20 pieces
+ RM922 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 48mm Automatic 322.CK.1140.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang King
Black Rubber Strap 48MM 322.CK.1140.RX
+ RM713 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 45mm Automatic 521.NX.1171.RX new
Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph
Black Dial Titanium 45mm NEW
Free shipping
Hublot Ceramic 45mm Automatic 411.CI.1170.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang Unico
Black Magic 45mm Ceramic Full Set 411.CI.1170.RX $22k MSRP
+ RM713 for shipping
Hublot Rose gold Manual winding 545.OX.2210.LR new
Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin
42 king rose gold ultra-thin manual wind movement
Free shipping
Hublot Titanium 48mm Automatic 716.NM.1129.RX.EUR12 pre-owned
Hublot King Power
UEFA Euro 2012 Poland 716.NM.1129. RX. EUR12
+ RM594 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 33mm Quartz 581.CO.1181.RX new
Hublot Classic Fusion Quartz
+ RM922 for shipping
Hublot Steel 44.5mm Automatic 301.SX.130.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang 44 mm
Evolution 301.SX.130.RX
+ RM227 for shipping
Hublot Titanium 42mm Automatic 541.NX.7170.LR new
Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph
Blue 42 mm - 541.NX.7170.LR
+ RM459 for shipping
Hublot Carbon 45mm Automatic 416.YY.1120.VR new
Hublot Big Bang Unico
Golf Yellow 45 MM - New 2021 VAT Watch - Limited Edition 100pcs
+ RM922 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 45mm Automatic 525.CM.0170.RX pre-owned
Hublot Classic Fusion Aerofusion
Black Magic Ceramic 525.CM.0170.RX - Just Serviced 24 Months Warranty - COM003197
+ RM498 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 42mm Automatic 541.CM.1171.RX new
Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph
Black Magic Ceramic 42mm New 2022
Free shipping
Hublot Titanium 45mm Automatic 411.NM.1170.RX pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang Unico
45mm Steel Ceramic Full Set Excellent Condition 411.NM.1170.RX
+ RM713 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 48mm Automatic 703.CI.1123.NR.FMO10 pre-owned
Hublot King Power
48 F1 Limited edition - Carbon & Titanium & Ceramic Original Box New Strap
+ RM199 for shipping
Hublot Ceramic 42mm Automatic 641.CI.7170.LR pre-owned
Hublot Spirit of Big Bang
Spirit Of Big Bang - Ceramic - With Box And Papers 641.CI.7170.LR 2021
+ RM463 for shipping
Hublot Steel 44mm Automatic 311.SM.1170.GR pre-owned
Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang
Steel Ceramic 44mm 311.SM.1170.GR - Discontinued
+ RM162 for shipping

Hublot: Distinct Design Meets Modern Materials

As a young company, the Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot is focused on modern times. Their timepieces blend exceptional craftsmanship with extraordinary designs and, in some cases, never-before-seen materials.

By Chrono24

Reshaping the Luxury Watch Industry

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot has been making waves with its extraordinary designs, unusual material combinations, and high-end craftsmanship since its founding in Nyon, Switzerland in 1980. Company founder Carlo Crocco set the tone with his very first collection, which included the world's first gold watch on a rubber strap. This timepiece also introduced the brand's unique and now-iconic bezel with prominent screws. Crocco based the watch on a ship's porthole. In fact, the company's name, "Hublot," is French for "porthole."

Watches made of seemingly opposing materials continue to define the modern Fusion collection. For example, Hublot is the only company producing Magic Gold, a yellow gold and ceramic alloy. Some watches also feature carbon, sapphire, titanium, textile, or even a type of concrete.

However, it's not just the materials that make Hublot watches unique, their designs are equally exceptional. The most notable example is the Big Bang. At up to 45 mm in diameter, it more than earns its name and quickly became a favorite among watch enthusiasts the world over. By Hublot standards, the Classic Fusion line is rather tame, while the MP collection looks like it belongs in a science fiction film. Then there's the Spirit of Big Bang series, which distinguishes itself with its barrel-shaped cases.

A look inside the case reveals Hublot's watchmaking prowess. Here, you'll mostly find in-house calibers, including select models with a bi-axis tourbillon or up to nine barrels. The latter boasts a power reserve of more than two weeks. Chronographs, GMT watches, and perpetual calendars are also included in Hublot's repertoire.

Reasons to Buy a Hublot Watch

  • Recognizable designs
  • Innovative materials, such as the gold and ceramic alloy Magic Gold
  • In-house calibers like the HUB6016 with a tourbillon
  • Numerous limited editions with potential to appreciate in value
  • Cooperation with Ferrari on the MP-05 with a 50-day power reserve
HUBLOT explained in 3 minutes | Short on Time

Prices at a Glance: Hublot Watches

Model/Reference number Price (approx.) Caliber/Material/Power reserve
MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire, 905.JX.0001.RT 544,000 USD HUB9005, sapphire, 50 days
MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis, 909.NX.1120.RX 150,000 USD HUB9009, titanium, 120 hours
Techframe Chronograph Tourbillon Ferrari, 408.OI.0123.RX 134,000 USD HUB6311, King Gold, 115 hours
Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days, 405.NX.0137.LR 76,500 USD HUB6016, titanium, 115 hours
Spirit of Big Bang Sapphire Chronograph, 601.JX.0120.RT 65,000 USD HUB4700, sapphire, 50 hours
Classic Fusion Moonphase Pavé, 517.OX.0180.LR.1704 40,000 USD HUB1131, King Gold, 42 hours
Sang Bleu II Pavé, 418.NX.5107.RX.1604.MXM20 39,000 USD HUB1240, titanium and diamonds, 72 hours
Big Bang Unico Ferrari, 402.NX.0123.WR 20,000 USD HUB1241, titanium, 72 hours
Big Bang Unico Depeche Mode, 411.CX.1114.VR.DPM17 16,500 USD HUB1242, ceramic, 72 hours
Big Bang Chronograph, 341.SB.131.RX 10,000 USD HUB2894, steel, 42 hours
Classic Fusion, 581.NX.1171.RX 4,200 USD HUB2912, titanium, quartz

How much does a Hublot watch cost?

Prices for Hublot watches begin around 1,200 USD. This price point includes mostly quartz-powered {model-200,Classic models} from the 1980s and 90s. For something from a more recent collection, you will have to make a much larger investment. Expect to pay at least 3,500 USD for a quartz three-hand Classic Fusion model in stainless steel. Chronographs with an automatic caliber and titanium case easily cost upwards of 8,000 USD. The most affordable watches from the Big Bang series generally start at about 7,100 USD. However, special editions like the Big Bang Chrono Tourbillon Ferrari often demand 76,500 USD or more. Finally, the MP collection's futuristic timepieces sell for anywhere from 175,000 to 475,000 USD.

About the Big Bang Collection

The Big Bang is Hublot's flagship collection. Most of the watches are impressive both in terms of size and heft. They feature sapphire crystal on both sides of their cases, which provides a glimpse of the elaborate movement within.

The Big Bang Unico contains a particularly wide range of timepieces that measure 42 or 45 mm in diameter. The name "Unico" comes from its caliber: the HUB1240 Unico. This in-house automatic movement consists of 330 individual hand-assembled pieces and is the result of four years of development. It boasts a modular construction that enables the manufacturer to add a variety of complications. For example, certain Unico models feature a flyback chronographen, a GMT function, or a perpetual calendar. This has led to the development of special pieces like the Big Bang Unico Golf, which golfers can use to count holes and strokes.

Hublot offers the Unico in titanium, King Gold, carbon fiber, or ceramic. You'll also find versions with diamonds on their bezels and bracelets. Depending on the complications and materials, prices for a Big Bang Unico range from 15,000 USD all the way up to 110,000 USD.

For Fans of Motorsport: The Big Bang Unico Ferrari

Big Bang models from the Unico Ferrari line are especially highly sought-after. Hublot has had a close relationship with the Italian sports car manufacturer since 2011, which shows in the design of these watches. For example, the time display and subdials are modeled after a sports car's dashboard. Furthermore, Ferrari's iconic "Cavallino Rampante" ("prancing horse") logo adorns the dial at 6 o'clock.

The Unico Ferrari is available in many materials, including carbon, titanium, ceramic, and Hublot's proprietary gold alloys, Magic Gold and King Gold. Some models even combine materials. Prices for a Ferrari Unico fall between 15,000 and 30,000 USD.

Prices for the Big Bang Original

If the Big Bang Unico seems too large or playful, you may prefer the Big Bang Original series. These timepieces measure in at 38, 39, 41, and 44 mm. Due to their more traditional dials and lack of skeletonization, they look significantly more reserved than their sister models. You can choose from among various three-hand editions, as well as chronographs, models with diamonds, and precise quartz-powered watches.

Like the other Big Bang models, Hublot crafts these watches out of a wide variety of materials: from stainless steel to ceramic, all the way to various gold editions. These timepieces can cost as little as 8,000 USD and as much as 38,000 USD.

Beautiful Geometry: The Big Bang Sang Bleu

The Big Bang Sang Bleu series catches the eye with its futuristic patterns. This unique style is the brainchild of Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Büchi, who is famous for his geometric designs. For the Big Bang Sang Bleu, Büchi replaced the typical hands with three overlapping polygons. This special timepiece ranges from 39 to 45 mm in diameter. While smaller models come in stainless steel or gold, the 45-mm versions are available in your choice of gold, titanium, or ceramic. All sizes are available in so-called "Pavé" editions, which boast diamond-encrusted cases.

Prices for a Sang Bleu watch vary by model and range from 17,500 to 45,000 USD.

The Manually-Wound Big Bang

Unlike the Big Bang Unico, the Big Bang Meca-10 and Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days collections are home to timepieces with manually-wound calibers. While the Tourbillon's caliber HUB6016 has a substantial five-day power reserve, the Meca's HUB1201 caliber can last for ten days. Both watches feature a power reserve display that indicates how much energy the movement has left. The Meca-10 is available in ceramic, titanium, King Gold, or Magic Gold and sells for between 16,000 and 33,000 USD.

Hublot produces the Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days in gold, titanium, ceramic, and transparent red or blue sapphire crystal. Depending on the material, you should expect to pay between 76,000 and 154,000 USD for a Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days.

Another interesting Big Bang model is the MP-11. Hublot equips this watch with the in-house manual caliber HUB9011, which boasts an extraordinary 14-day power reserve thanks to its seven series-coupled barrels. While this technology has a long history in the MP-11 series, it wasn't made available in the Big Bang until 2018. Prices for these timepieces range from 71,000 USD for a carbon fiber edition to 141,000 USD for the version with a green sapphire crystal case.

LaFerrari: The MP Collection and Its Massive Power Reserve

If you think the Big Bang's design is unique, the MP collection goes even further. It's perfect for the eccentric watch lover, and the MP-05 watch looks like something straight out of a top-secret laboratory. Known as "LaFerrari," its case is pear-shaped and resembles a race car's engine block. It measures 46 mm in diameter and is available in either titanium or sapphire crystal. Instead of hands, the MP-05 utilizes multiple rotating cylinders with numbers on them for its various displays. A power reserve indicator is located on the right, while the hours and minutes are on the left. The seconds display is located below them, and the manual caliber with its vertical tourbillon is visible in the middle.

However, what makes this watch truly striking is its 11 series-coupled barrels. For comparison, most watches only have one or two barrels. The number of barrels in a timepiece is directly related to how long the power reserve is. Thus, the MP-05 can run for 50 days before it needs to be rewound – an impressive feat for a wristwatch. The version in black ceramic demands around 225,000 USD, while the gold model changes hands for about 305,000 USD. Finally, the edition with a sapphire crystal case is the most expensive at approximately 540,000 USD.

The MP-07 and MP-09 are just as futuristic as their sister model, the MP-05. Hublot once again took inspiration from motorsport for the design of the MP-07. Its row of nine barrels is a sight to behold and provides this watch with a 40-day power reserve. Prices for this rather masculine watch begin around 260,000 USD.

MP-09 and Techframe

Compared to the MP-05 and the MP-07, the MP-09 looks almost classic. However, from a technological perspective, it is no less impressive. Its bi-axis tourbillon, which rotates on two axes, is particularly hard to ignore. This timepiece comes in carbon or titanium and is also available with precious gemstone embellishments. Plan on spending about 150,000 USD on a titanium MP-09. You can call the carbon fiber version your own for around 158,000 USD.

The Techframe is also a part of the MP collection. Ferrari's Chief Designer, Flavio Manzoni, is the man behind this extraordinary single-pusher chronograph. This timepiece boasts a tourbillon, as well as a skeletonized dial and case. In addition to titanium and carbon, the Techframe comes in white gold or shimmering King Gold. The latter is Hublot's proprietary rose gold alloy. The titanium model is the most affordable at roughly 91,000 USD, followed by the carbon edition at 130,000 USD. If you'd prefer one of the rose or white gold versions, be sure to have between 135,000 and 147,000 USD on hand.

Simple: The Classic Fusion

The Classic Fusion series offers more conventional designs than the MP series. Three-hand models with a date display and central second hand come in four sizes: 33, 38, 42, and 45 mm. By Hublot standards, these variants of the Classic Fusion are downright simplistic. Each watch has a distinctive bezel held in place by six decorative screws. Other versions feature a chronograph caliber, moon phase display, or power reserve indicator. The Extra-Thin models use the same case as the Classic Fusion but are remarkably flat.

The Classic Fusion with a minute repeater and tourbillon is likewise technically intricate. What's more, this collection offers an assortment of interesting materials. For example, Italia Independent models have dials and bands made of suit fabric, while the Classic Fusion Berluti features leather dials and bands. In 2020, Hublot marked the Classic Fusion's 40th anniversary with three especially simple models: one in titanium, one in yellow gold, and one in black ceramic. Each measures 45 mm in diameter and features an eye-catching black dial. Like the original Classic Fusion from 1980, the dial only has the brand's logo at 12 o'clock and a date display at 3.

Prices in this collection range from 4,200 USD for simple, quartz-powered models to 40,000 USD for diamond-studded editions with an automatic caliber and moon phase display.

The Alternatives: King Power and Spirit of Big Bang

The Spirit of Big Bang collection is the barrel-shaped branch of the Big Bang family. These chronographs are either 42 or 45 mm in diameter and get their power from the caliber HUB4700, an automatic chronograph movement with a 50-hour power reserve. Thanks to its elaborate skeletonization, you can view the movement at work from above. Prices depend on whether you choose a titanium, ceramic, gold, or sapphire crystal model and range from 17,500 to 65,000 USD.

The HUB1770 ticks away inside the Spirit Moonphase's 42-mm case. This movement provides the watch with a moon phase display at 6 o'clock and an oversized date display at 1:30. You can choose from a range of titanium or gold models, including versions with or without diamonds. The Spirit Moonphase costs between 15,000 and 42,500 USD.

Other interesting Spirit of Big Bang models include the Spirit Tourbillon and the Spirit Meca-10. The former uses the skeletonized in-house caliber HUB6020 with a tourbillon and a 115-hour power reserve. On the other hand, Hublot outfits the Meca-10 with the manual caliber HUB1233. This movement is also skeletonized and built in house. Watches from these lines demand anywhere from 21,000 to 77,000 USD.

Hublot also offers the Spirit of Big Bang as a women's watch. These watches are a moderate 39 mm in diameter and come in your choice of gold, titanium, or ceramic. What's more, each features a diamond-studded bezel. The Zenith Elite 670 powers these watches. This movement has a 50-hour power reserve and a date display. Prices for these models fall between 14,000 and 19,000 USD.

King Power

The King Power collection shares many similarities with the Big Bang in terms of design. It is somewhat more angular than the Big Bang and also comes in ceramic, King Gold, or titanium. However, any search for this model in the current collection will be in vain, as Hublot retired it years ago.

The variety of movements and complications is equally diverse. These timepieces cost anywhere from 9,400 to 21,500 USD.

Special Models for Sports and Entertainment Stars

Limited editions created by Hublot in collaboration with big names from the worlds of sports and entertainment are true collector's items. The list of brand ambassadors includes many familiar names, such as Usain Bolt, Pelé, Dwayne Wade, Floyd Mayweather, Bar Refaeli, Lang Lang, and Depeche Mode. Each timepiece is the result of close cooperation with the respective celebrity, and some only come in extremely limited numbers. In the case of the Depeche Mode watch, you can even support a good cause with your purchase. All of its proceeds go toward the "charity: water" project, which has provided clean drinking water to over 30,000 people in Nepal and Ethiopia. If you'd like to call one of these unique, limited edition timepieces your own, be sure to have between 16,000 and 21,500 USD on hand.

The following story shows just how close the relationship between this luxury watch manufacturer and the world of sports is. Bernie Ecclestone, the former chief executive of Formula 1, always wears Hublot. He was once violently mugged in London with a Hublot on his wrist; four men attacked him, beat him severely, and ran off with the timepiece. Shortly thereafter, Hublot and Ecclestone collaborated on a strange advertising campaign. The advertisement featured Ecclestone with his bruised face and the tagline, “See what people will do for a Hublot.”

Hublot and Soccer

In addition to Formula 1, Hublot has a strong connection to the world's most popular sport: soccer. Hublot has been a sponsor and the official timekeeper of the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, European Football Championship, and the FIFA World Cup for years. Each major event sees the release of a special, limited-edition timepiece. The most recent example is the Smartwatch Big Bang Referee made for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. However, Hublot is focused on more than just the big tournaments. They've also partnered with Juventus Turin, FC Bayern München, FC Chelsea, and Benfica Lissabon. Each team has their own special edition timepiece. One of these soccer watches costs between 5,800 and 15,500 USD.

Hublot's Relationship to Gold

Hublot has been successfully experimenting with various case materials for many years. The company has made major contributions to the research of gold processing. This resulted in the creation of so-called "King Gold," among other materials. King Gold is made of 18-karat gold mixed with platinum and a high percentage of copper. The alloy doesn't oxidize and is characterized by its intense red color, which stays vibrant for years.

Hublot is also venturing into uncharted territory with their Magic Gold. Unlike other gold alloys that are made by adding other metals, Magic Gold is a mixture of ceramic and liquid gold. The result is the first scratch-resistant 18-karat gold alloy in the world. Hardness is measured in Vickers hardness numbers. A usual 18-karat solid gold case is 400 Vickers. Tempered steel is 600 Vickers. Magic Gold, on the other hand, is almost 1,000 Vickers. The gold/ceramic mix is so strong that a diamond is needed to work it.

The History of Hublot

Italian Carlo Crocco founded the company, MDM Genève, in 1980. That same year, he introduced the first-ever wristwatch with a natural rubber strap at the watch trade show Baselworld. At the time, "Hublot" was simply the name for one of his watch models. However, Crocco had been developing watches long before that: His first watch was designed back in 1967. In 2004, Jean-Claude Biver, who had previously brought both Blancpain and Omega back from the brink, became the CEO of Hublot. One year later, Hublot was the recipient of countless awards from the watchmaking industry for their then-new series, the Big Bang. In 2008, the luxury goods concern LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE bought Hublot from Carlo Crocco. TAG Heuer also belongs to LVMH.

Ricardo Guadalupe has been at the head of Hublot since 2012, while Biver continues to serve in the background as chairman of the board. The two men previously worked together at Blancpain.